Working With Chris: Although there are many drummers "out there" not all of them are created equal. Chris DeRosa is a consummate professional, solid & dependable, very easy to work & travel with, does not drink or do drugs, has only the best equipment, and is comfortable playing to a click or backing tracks. Although Chris primarily plays drum set he is versatile and plays some hand percussion (as needed).

Chris is available for everything from being an international touring band member to covering one-off sub gigs. He can record your song, jingle, or soundtrack at his very own CDR Studios (or at any studio of your choosing), and can create a soundscape for your choreography or film. Chris can be a guest lecturer at your school or teach you one-on-one private drum lessons. The best thing he offers is peace of mind. He can curate a band of professional musicians, book and run rehearsals, and keep a star shining and focused on what's important. Being fluent in many musical styles allows Chris the versatility to cover all of your drumming needs easily.

Chris' favorite styles and strengths are quite varied and diverse so he has a lot to bring to the table. Shoot him an email with your info and some details about your project and budget. If we all work together anything is possible!

CDR Studios was designed by Chris DeRosa & Chris Harmaty and custom built by Harmaty's company Audio Structures (the same folks that built Alicia Keys's studio "Jungle City" & "Sorcerer Sound" among others). The studio is a "state of the art" full band rehearsal room, drum tracking recording studio, and private drum set teaching facility all conveniently located in the DUMBO section of downtown Brooklyn.

Rehearsal Studio: At CDR Studios artists (singers, songwriters, and bands) can write, rehearse, and develop material for upcoming recordings or live performances in a very relaxing and professional atmosphere. Here, Chris strives to bring out the best from each musician/artist by nurturing their individual talent. In addition, Chris can act as "MD" (musical director) to help artists communicate with and get the most out of their musicians, arrange and run rehearsals, as well as secure musicians (if needed) from a large database of high-quality players Chris regularly works with.

If you are a young band or artist Chris can act as a "coach" helping you arrange your songs, set tempos, use dynamics, perform consistently, and offer some insight and advice in regard to your career and music.

Drum Tracking Studio: Chris has realized his dream of building and owning a high tech state of the art "drum tracking" recording studio. At CDR Studios Chris can create and execute custom drum and percussion tracks for your album, demo, or jingle here in NYC and then ftp them back to you anywhere in the world.

When choosing to work with Chris you get more than a "session drummer" you get a musician with ideas and experience to draw from to give you a fresh new way to hear your music. Whether it's a 3 minute pop tune, a 30 second jingle, or an entire album side with complicated time changes Chris can do the job for you. At CDR Studios Chris can take the time needed to find the best part and capture the "perfect take" to bring your music to the next level.

Here's what some people say about Chris:
"Hey Chris, these performances are absolutely terrific! Words don't suffice for describing the life that you've brought to this part of the project man. This is exactly what I was looking for. I really dig the creative drive behind the overall vibe and fill material." - Tommy West (Nashville Recording Artist)

"Chris, You did an amazing job on the album. I couldn't be happier with the drums! Thank you!" - Renee Ruth (HyperBlue)

"Hey Chris. Digging your sounds... Nice!!!!" - J. "Barry DIA" Long (Mgr HR/Bad Brains)

"Chris, I love the tracks you sent. I am taking my time with overdubs because I want to make sure the songs do justice to the drums!" - Mike Power

"You caught the mood and sound on point. That's why I love working with you." - Alec (FoS)

"This sounds great! You really knocked it out of the park!" - Emelyn Parker

"Kill Ass Drumming!" - Roland Ruby (Damn You Roland Ruby!)

"Thanks Chris, you are magic!" - Jason Dennie

"Awesomeness!" - James G Barry

Private Teaching Studio: As a career musician and lifelong educator, Chris feels an obligation to pass the torch on to other motivated individuals by giving one-on-one private drum lessons. Traditional drum lessons usually have the student coming once a week and being sent home with a lot of material to practice before returning for the following week's lesson. With Chris, you learn how to teach yourself. No matter if you have practiced the material intensely all week or have been so busy you haven't had time to touch the drums, Chris will have you leave a better drummer/musician than when you walked in the door.

Simply put, Chris' methods are a systematic approach to independence, dynamics, song form, and the total process of realizing how you personally learn and absorb information. Here Chris can help the student achieve their goals by creating custom lessons specifically geared for each student. Chris offers virtual (Skype) drum lessons from CDR Studios for those not located in the NYC area.

Soundscape Creation For Film And Dance: With many years of experience working with some of the leading choreographers here in New York City and abroad Chris has a special empathy and skillset to connect sound with movement and film. By working with modern dancers over the years, Chris has developed an understanding of what is needed and necessary to elevate the visuals to their maximum impact. He has always thought the combination of sight & sound makes both mediums better and more enjoyable to the audience. His drumming can be unorthodox and completely out of the box when required and his comfort level in this world has no end. Please feel free to email Chris to see what is possible.

Here at CDR Studios Chris has created an inspiring and comfortable setting for all your musical needs. You will find only the best gear including a variety of mics & amps to choose from (equipment list below). With many years of recording, teaching, and performing experience Chris patiently strives to assist everyone in realizing their musical goals as well as achieving the success they desire. Please feel free to contact Chris to learn more about any of the services he offers.

Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3

CDR Studios Gear List:

Amplifiers & P.A.:

  • Ampeg PF-350 Portaflex Bass Head
  • Yorkville BC115x Bass Cabinet
  • Tech 21 Combo Guitar Amp
  • Roland Cube 80XL Guitar Amp
  • Peavey XR560 6 Channel Mixer
  • Peavey 112DLM Monitor Wedges (2x)
  • Microphones:

  • Audix OM5 (2x)
  • Audix D6
  • Audix I5
  • Audix D2 (2x)
  • Audix D4
  • Audix SCX1-C
  • Audix SCX25A (2x)
  • Cables/Stands:

  • Multiple Planet Waves Mic & Instrument Cables
  • Multiple Whirlwind MKQ Mic Cables
  • Multiple Straight & Boom Mic Stands
  • Multiple Sheet Music Stands
  • Recording Software & Hardware:

  • Logic Pro
  • Digital Performer
  • MOTU 896mk3 Digital Interface
  • Glyph GT50Q 1T Hard Drive
  • MacBook Pro Computer
  • Keyboards:

  • Roland FP-10 Piano
  • Multiple Keyboard Stands
  • Drums & Percussion:

    Chris has a huge array of custom made and stock drums, cymbals, percussion, and hardware to choose from. Some manufacturers include Eames, Sabian, Yamaha, Brady, Drum Workshop, Sonor, Gretsch, Slingerland, Wuhan, RhythmTech, World Max, Meinl, and Latin Percussion.

    To hire Chris for live or studio work send an e-mail to: chris at chrisderosa dot com