Chris DeRosa Proudly Uses The Following Products:

Chris DeRosa is extremely grateful to the people that help him sound his very best and do what he does every day. Please support the above companies for making the best products humanly possible and for exploring new ideas and sounds to push our industry forward.


1. 6"x10" Snare or 10" Timbale
2. 7"x12" Snare Drum
3. 8"x10" Tom or 14" Timbale
4. 15"x20" Bass Drum
5. 11"x 12" or 14"x14" Floor Tom
6. 8" Cowbell
7. Roland SPD-SX


A) 13" HHX Mahattan or 15" HHX Complex/Ozone Hi-Hats
B) 7" or 9" HHX Evolution Splash
C) 17" HHX X-Treme or Vault Fierce Crash
D) 21" Vault Fierce or AA Raw Ride
E) 15" HHX X-Plosion or AAX Studio Crash
F) 6" Bell Over A 4" Tibetan Bell
G) Drum Set Tambourine

Chris uses Vic Firth custom X5B drumsticks, Heritage Brushes and Rutes. Chris uses various Evans drumheads depending on the situation (and drum) but enjoys coated batters on his snare drums, G2 clear or coated batters on his toms and bass drums, Genera Resonant bottom skins, and Evans custom "Inked" front heads on his bass drums.


1. Egyptian Doumbek
2. 6"x12" Snare Drum
3. 11" Conga
4. 16"x16" Bass Drum
5. 13"x13" Floor Tom
6. 8" Cowbell
7. Drum Set Tambourine
8. Ankle Bells


A) 6" Cymbal Over 4" Bell
B) 13" AAX Stage Hats
C) Small Sound Plate
D) 10" Heavy Bell w/Rivets
E) 19" AA Raw Ride (Prototype)
F) Small Bell
G) Bar Chimes

To hire Chris for live or studio work send an e-mail to: chris at chrisderosa dot com